Dreams to Reality

My heart is sore, as i lay down: exhausted

I close my eyes in a bid to sleep, an escape from reality

A vision is shown to me

the hidden things to come to being, revealed

things lacking soon to be in abundance

A blessing, an answer to prayer

I watched in awe, mouth agape

suddenly awake, back to the real once again

this time with hope, relief and expectation

which gladens my heart.


Back in time

in the night

under the moonlight

with a little brightness from lampstand

a little light, a little darkness

in a still, peaceful and quiet atmosphere

i digest the contents of my novel with satisfaction

a permanent smile on my lips

after all chaos and noises of each day

i find my peace on the floor at the corner of my bed

next to the window where the cool wind lets itself in

i’m alone with myself for the next 9 hours

in my own world free to do whatever i please.

oh how i cherish those times…


Thank you Lord

Thank you lord for this year, thank you for the events that unfolded (good and bad). Thank you for the control you had over everything, so that at the end of each day we could say thanks.

Thank you for the peace we have, thank you for removing our fears, making them unreal. Thank you for your presence that walks with us every now and then, keeping us secure in the edge you built.

Thank you for your banner over us is love, thank you for this love is unconditional, thank you for it’s a love from a perfect father to an inperfect child, which surpases everything we could ever ask for.

Thank you for the things we have, thank you because they were blessings given freely  from you, thank you for the things we don’t have that we ask for, because your word said, in everything give thanks.


How i wait on the lord to direct my path

i can’t see beyond my knowledge even when i try

life with God includes the wait as  time varies according to his will

I  ask myself if a God who waits patiently for me should not be waited for in return

in this words lies my hope  that those who put their trust in God will never be disappointed

while i wait with the passing of time He charges the angels concerning my cause

though the evidence is wanting my faith is put to work

He saves the best for the last like the miracle of the wine in cannan

He gives comfort during the wait with assurance of hope

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

As the days go by i watch, in  anticipation,

of the day my  fantasies  become real

when i’ll read the truth in your eyes

that day is no where near, i think in despair


My  need drives my hope, i’m uncertain, if it be a need or want

i’d wait till ever if need be

true love comes once  a lifetime

and others a makeshift


when love calls, it calls right.

of this i’d rather be ready when it does

lessons still  to be learnt, experience still to be gained

of this i’ll occupy myself till the time comes.


  •  The expression of thoughts, opening of the soul
  • Insights to the core of every human being.
  • Revealer of secrets, carrier of truth
  • A two way dimension,  soothes and pierces the soul.
  1. Transporter of knowledge, Teacher of wisdom
  2. Stands in place of a pledge, weighs more respect than gold and silver
  3. A Tool in the hands of it’s skilled master
  4. A means of benefits


  • How lovers depend on you, a glass that reflects emotions
  • How you free the human feelings buried in the deep
  • How you loosen the tongue in a beautiful rythym
  • How you bare the agony of the mind and soul


  • it’s power cannot be undermined, it stirs the heart of God and men
  • can be tamed, either way, holds consequences
  • It’s  use with wisdom  can yield positive results
  • The foolish use of words brings danger upon it’s user



By accepting we make peace with who we are, who we were made to be. Excluding the negatitive need to please others and the need to be with those who  cannot make peace with our being, freeing ourselves from the bondage of fear of rejection.

It takes the pressure off our lid, we find the lost meanings to our lives, and fall in step with those who are ready to live and do life with us. Knowing that self acceptance attracts appreciation from others.

We follow the promptings of our hearts without the fear of judgement and criticism, fully satisfied with our existence and taking the rein from those who held it for so long to lead ourselves to our long awaited destiny

Finally, we can impact lives we ought to impact, and proudly say to others, i lived my life without negative outside influence, i followed the desires of my heart and i love the results. My idea of success is not the way you’d describe it, but what’s more important than success is a fulfilled life and that’s what  i’ve got.

There’s more, because God made us a master piece, he loves and cares about us, He wants us to be aware of  his love for us and he shows it by freely giving everything we have right now and is willing to do more, more if we humbly go to him to ask. OUR identity is with him and he wants us to know how secure we are with him.

Now i love myself and i can appreciate those around me too. acceptance-2