I’m writing eventually because you’re the reason

I  have to express myself for there are too many words inside

they’re meant for your ears, spoken  while i hold your gaze

but your eyes,  they overwhelm me i can barely look  for a minute

this anguish has given me the need to write

I        l     o     v    e      y   o    u

I miss you everyday

My week is rough, just rough because you’re  not there, your absence makes it rough

 It took me this long to find this answer,  indeed i’m  satisfied  that i’m in love with you. ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

It’s a gruelling task, expressing what i feel

And now I want to show it.

I want to look at you, and  be caught in the act, want you to read  my heart in my eyes.

I want you to lose yourself gazing at me, want time to give us that moment to stare at each other

want us to cross the line of the impossibility, because we are in love

i want to live it cos i’m in love

i just bared my heart

it’s not romantic the way i said it, maybe you have more rhythm than me.



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