My Help

All of my helps comes from the lord I lift up my eyes cos He is my strength My Help, My Help I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where comes my help My comes from the lord who makes heaven and earth The lord that keeps me does not slumber nor […]

The real you

An art of perfection crafted from inception marked to fulfill a divine assignment A daily experience to the journey of discovering shaped by  values, beliefs, and relationships   A mystery hidden in his identity identitified in his view of your personality unravelled by the knowledge of his word unique by the qualities of your mold […]


I’m writing eventually because you’re the reason I  have to express myself for there are too many words inside they’re meant for your ears, spoken  while i hold your gaze but your eyes,  they overwhelm me i can barely look  for a minute this anguish has given me the need to write I       […]


The single  truth in  cloud of despair The  ray of light visible  to the eyes of faith oblivious to fear, doubt, and negativity the strength that moves the soul to dare source from trust in the creator of the universe hidden in adversities as the pathway to blessings presenting opportunities to make a difference hope […]

You don’t choose

The eyes and the heart sees different you don’t know the outcome of everything you don’t guess right all the time you don’t choose who you fall inlove with  

time changes

The changes time brings as we wait, adding knowledge and experience we’re anxious for the unpredictable future but events unfolds bringing to come and more to be seen   Time must take it’s full course TIME inexcusably fills the space Between what happens now and what unfolds then.  

Dreams to Reality

My heart is sore, as i lay down: exhausted I close my eyes in a bid to sleep, an escape from reality A vision is shown to me the hidden things to come to be, revealed things lacking soon to be in abundance A blessing, an answer to prayer I watched in awe, mouth agape, […]