You don’t choose

The eyes and the heart sees different you don’t know the outcome of everything you don’t guess right all the time you don’t choose who you fall inlove with   Advertisements

time changes

The changes time brings as we wait, adding knowledge and experience we’re anxious for the unpredictable future but events unfolds bringing to come and more to be seen   Time must take it’s full course TIME inexcusably fills the space Between what happens now and what unfolds then.  

Dreams to Reality

My heart is sore, as i lay down: exhausted I close my eyes in a bid to sleep, an escape from reality A vision is shown to me the hidden things to come to be, revealed things lacking soon to be in abundance A blessing, an answer to prayer I watched in awe, mouth agape, […]

Back in time

in the night with a little shine from the torch a little light, a little dark a still, peaceful and quiet atmosphere i read the contents of my novel a  smile emerging at the corner of my mouth as thoughts run through my mind at the  little space at the corner of my bed next […]

Thank you Lord

For the year,  for the events that unfolded, for the control you had over everything, so that at the end of each day we,re thankful. Thank you for the peace we have,  for removing our fears, making them unreal. Thank you for your presence that walks with us every now and then, keeping us secure […]


How i wait on the lord to direct my path i can’t see beyond my knowledge even when i try life with God includes the wait as  time varies according to his will God who waits patiently for his children should also be waited for in return that’s why  those who put their trust in God […]

Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation As the days go by i watch, in  anticipation, of the day my  fantasies  become real when i’ll read the truth in your eyes that day is no where near, i think in despair   My  need drives my hope, i’m uncertain, if it be a need or want i’d wait […]